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The Romford Area’s Premier Scrap My Car Service

If you have a badly damaged vehicle sitting in your garage around Romford, or one which has either failed its MOT or won’t start, often your options are limited as to what to do with it. You may wonder “Should I scrap my car, or get it fixed up?” It’s worth knowing that the cost of extensive repairs can often exceed the cost of a brand new vehicle.


Our cash for my car service for Romford is a great way to secure money toward the purchase of a new car. Scrap cars can fetch a decent sum, and payment will be made for your scrap car within an hour of us receiving your call. Here are a number of reasons why using our scrap my car service is a good idea.



10 Great Reasons to Sell a Scrap Car in Romford


  1. Free up space in your garage or driveway
  2. Eco-friendly option (car will be recycled)
  3. Prompt, generous payment for scrap cars
  4. Quick, discreet collection
  5. All DVLA forms filled out and sent on your behalf
  6. Car is written off or won’t start
  7. Car has been badly vandalised or cosmetically damaged
  8. Upgrading an old, “past it” vehicle
  9. Getting rid of an unregistered foreign vehicle
  10. Secure Certificate of Destruction to avoid tax liability



But these are just a few of the reasons why our cash for my car service is so popular among the people of Romford. So get in contact with us today!


Need a car scrapped in the Romford area? Call our 24/7 phone line on 07858 677949.